Healthy Greetings,

On Saturday, July 28, 2018, RS Kasih Ibu held a gathering of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (PPOK) ldengan located at Aston Hotel. The purpose of this event is to strengthen the relationship between fellow patients of COPD, doctors and nurses. Besides, this gathering also aims to provide education about COPD, so that patients and their families can better understand the disease, so that the recurrence rate can be minimized.

The theme raised at this gathering titled “Free Lung and Your Heart From Cigarette Danger”. The event started with remarks from the management representative of RS Kasih Ibu Surakarta namely Drg. Haryani, then continued with the opening by the chairman of the gathering committee. Divan Fernandes. After that the main event starts with the material:

1. Effect of Cigarette Smoke on COPD – Dr. Novita Tjahyaningsih, SpP-FISR (Lung Specialist at Kasih Ibu Surakarta Hospital)
2. Complications of COPD In Heart – Dr. Dyah Pitaloka Putri, SpJP-FIHA (Heart Specialist Doctor at Kasih Ibu Surakarta)

Then followed by discussion and question and answer session between participants and resource persons.

Before the event closed, at this gathering the participants agreed to establish a container for the community of COPD in Surakarta, where patients with COPD and their families can discuss, help and share related COPD. Therefore, this gathering also marks the establishment of POKyuban PPOK Surakarta “Ngedi Waras”. Hopefully this gathering can be useful, especially for the participants and their families and can be held regularly every year.