Chemotherapy Service

Kasih Ibu Hospital comes with several advantages, one of which is the chemotherapy unit service. Chemotherapy is the use of chemicals to inhibit or stop the growth of cancer cells. The administration of chemotherapy drugs can be through blood vessels, oral chemotherapy, intraperitoneal, and intracavitas.

The Kasih Ibu Kemoterapi Hospital Unit provides services for BPJS patients, private insurance, and private patients. The chemotherapy room is located on the 2nd and 5th floor, features 3 beds, 3 sofas with comfortable air-conditioned space. Services are provided by experienced medical personnel as well as trained nurses, equipped with a chemotherapeutic drug mixing chamber using a biosafety cabinet and performed by a trained pharmacist.

Prior to chemotherapy, for diagnosis, Kasih Ibu Hospital has been equipped with complete radiological equipment such as CT Scan, X Ray and ultrasound and Anatomy Pathology laboratory, tumor marker, and tissue biopsy. In addition, to minimize the appearance of wound effects due to chemotherapy drugs through blood vessels, there is a chemoport installation service performed by oncologists. Chemoport can be used for long periods of time and how to install it using local anesthesia so that it can make the patient more comfortable.