Emergency Room (ER)

Emergency Room (ER)


Emergency Room Installation (IGD) Kasih Ibu hospital provides 24 hour service to deal with emergency emergencies of patients requiring quick treatment. The goal is to minimize the smallest possible risk of disability and death. IGD RS Kasih Ibu is equipped with the following facilities:

Emergency Installation Service Facilities

  1. Has a patient examination room consisting of 4 beds, resuscitation room: 1 bed, isolation room: 1 bed, cough room 1: bed, delivery room and neonatal emergency resuscitation, operating room (minor surgery)
  2. Integrated Clinical Laboratory
  3. Pharmaceutical Satellite
  4. Radiology

Emergency Installation Equipment

  1. 1 buah Ventilator for Infant, Pediatric, and Adult portable
  2. Emergency set
  3. Defibrilator Shock
  4. Resuscitation set for Infant, Pediatric, and Adult (alat resusitasi untuk bayi, anak, dan dewasa)
  5. ECG Recording and Monitor (alat rekam jantung)
  6. Mesin Digital Radiographic Mobile X-ray
  7. Portable and Central Patient Monitor (monitor tanda vital pasien)
  8. Transport incubator, Suction Pump

The Kasih Ibu Emergency Hospital Installation is supported by a professional and trained 24-hour duty clinic and certified ATLS and ACLS, a professional and trained and certified PPGD 24-hour Duty Nurse, supported by professional and certified Pharmacists, Health Analysts and Radiographers.