Intensive Care Services

Intensive Care Services


As a full-service healthcare facility, the Kasih Ibu Hospital is equipped with a room reserved for patients with critical condition. In general, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) room is a facility reserved for patients requiring intensive monitoring, special attention and complex breathing assistance.

Intensive Installation Room Kasih Ibu Hospital is equipped with the following facilities

24 Hour Intensive Care Installation Facilities

  1. 15 bed consisting of: ICU 9 bed, PICU 2 bed, NICU 2 bed and Room Isolation: 2 bed
  2. Clinical Laboratory
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Radiology
  5. Integrated Nutrition Services

Equipment Installation Intensive care

  1. 7 Ventilator for Infant, Pediatric, and Adult machines (artificial breathing apparatus with sophisticated computer systems for babies, children and adults)
  2. Emergency trolly with Emergensy set + Defibrillator
  3. Resuscitation set for Infant, Pediatric, and Adult (resuscitation equipment for infants, children and adults)
  4. ECG Recording and Monitor (heart recording device)
  5. Digital Radiographic Mobile X-ray Machine
  6. Bedside and Central Patient Monitor (monitor patient's vital signs)
  7. Syringe Pump and Infusion Pump
  8. Bronchoscopy
  9. Echocardiography

Intensive Installation of Kasih Ibu Hospital is supported by Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Doctors, Specialist Doctors and other Specialist Subspecialists, 24-hour, professional-trained and certified physicians ATLS, ACLS, FECS and BASIC, Professional and well-trained 24-hour duty nurses and ICU / PICU / NICU, also supported by professional and certified Pharmacists, Nutritionists, Health Analysts and Radiographers.