Diabetic Foot and Nail Service

Diabetic Foot and Nail Service

Diabetic nails and foot services developed in RS. Kasih Ibu Surakarta is in line with the increasing number of diabetes mellitus patients. One of the most common complications of diabetes mellitus patients is foot problems such as foot wounds that do not heal, bacterial or fungal infections, and the most severe is tissue decay, so amputation is necessary. Problems in the feet of patients with DM caused by two things, namely:

  • Poor blood flow. This occurs due to damage to blood vessels caused by high blood sugar levels in a long time. Disturbed blood flow causes the legs to not get enough nutrition, so the skin of the foot becomes weak, easily injured and difficult to heal in case of injury.
  • Damage to nerves. This also happens because of high blood sugar levels in a long time. Nerve damage causes the sensitivity of a diabetic patient to the pain to be reduced, so that the patient is not aware when his leg is injured.

To prevent foot problems in diabetic patients, RS. Kasih Ibu Surakarta provides diabetic nail and foot care services. Nail and foot care services at RS. Kasih Ibu Surakarta includes:

  • For healthy foot care, there is a beautiful nail and foot treatment service, foot spa, nail cuts with LUNA tools, treatments with GEHWOL products.


  • For foot care with diabetic ulcers available treatment of ulcers using laser and ozone to accelerate wound healing, detection of blood vessel disease in the foot by using APBI (Automated Ankle Brachial Pressure Index) tool that serves to measure the ABI (Ankle Brachial Index), treatment varicose veins in the legs using a veinoplus / veinoplus artery tool.