1. You are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.

  • You are entitled to receive high-quality, safe, non-discriminatory treatment regardless of religious, gender, citizenship, socioeconomic status, or physical disability, and free medical-related attachments / restrictions.
  • Filled your right to spiritual / religious / spiritual guidance adopted.
  • You have the right to be cared for with care and respect at the end of life.
  • Receive emergency services if you need them.
  • Obtain information about your rights and responsibilities in a language you understand


2. You are entitled to privacy and privacy

  • As long as you are in the hospital, you are entitled to privacy protection of confidentiality of your health information or data, and are kept from being misused.
  • The content / medical information in the medical record is yours and your medical record / file file is owned by the hospital. If necessary you can get a summary of your medical record.


  1. You are obligated to comply with all regulations in the hospital. Mother’s love during your hospitalization.
  2. You are obliged to settle the hospitalization fee according to the applicable provisions (Personal, insurance and agency).