Many parents complain that their toddlers are hard to eat. From which initially tightly shut his mouth until spraying out food or even melting back the food that had entered into his mouth. Naturally, if parents feel worried, especially if the child’s weight does not go up. And at this age, balanced nutrition is very important for the development of children.

Causes of mouth shutting (GTM) in toddlers vary. Bored, being sick, not hungry, the trauma, both to certain foods and the process of eating itself are some of them. Usually, because of panic and confusion, parents become more permissive in children. For example, let the child just eat his favorite biscuits, just give milk as a substitute for food or allow children to consume their favorite junkfood continuously.

Because of the above then Kasih Ibu Hospital this time held a Parenting Class with the theme of Overcoming GTM. This event was held on May 2nd, 2017 at Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel by inviting speakers of Children and Clinical Nutrition Specialist. The material presented is Tips to Overcome Mouth Cover Movement in children delivered by dr. M.N Ardi Santoso, SpA, MKes and Giving MP ASI to children difficult to eat by dr. Lusiana, SpGK.