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Did you know that today is June 14th the World Blood Donor Day?

Besides beneficial to people in need, blood donors also provide many benefits for donors. For those in need, the blood they get is useful to save their lives. Some conditions that require blood donations such as accidents, major surgery, maternal mothers with severe bleeding, blood disorders such as hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, cancer and so on can be helped. Here are the benefits of blood donation for health:

1. Health Check and Blood Analysis

Before making a blood donor, the potential donor will be examined his / her health condition first. Starting from weight, blood pressure, pulse frequency and hemoglobin levels. Blood donors must also go through a blood analysis check to determine if the blood is eligible for donation.

2. Heart and Blood Vessels Healthy

In a scientific study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) it was found that in participants aged 43 years to 61 years who regularly perform blood donation found less common heart attack and sroke. A study by the American journal of Epidemiology with a total sample of 2,682 people in Finland concluded that in people who do at least one blood donor per year have a 88% lower risk of suffering a heart attack. The above is due to the decreased levels of iron in the blood through the blood donor reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

3. Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Decreased iron levels in the blood also make the risk of cancer decline. The study published by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in the United States concluded that iron in the blood is thought to cause damage due to free radicals in the body associated with an increased risk of cancer. Including liver cancer, lung, colon, stomach and throat.

4. Burn Calories

Each time a blood donor is estimated as much as 650 Calories burned by the body. Donors who perform regular blood donation will usually experience significant weight loss. However, blood donations should not be used as a program to lose weight for any reason.

5. Renewal of Blood Cells

When a person does a blood donor, his body will replace the lost blood volume within 48 hours after the donor. All the lost blood cells will usually be completely replaced within four to eight weeks with new red blood cells. The new red blood cells will help the body stay healthy by working more efficiently. The donor will also usually feel more refreshed after donating his blood.

The various benefits of doing blood donation, let us blood donor to save lives and improve our health.

By : dr. Divan Fernandes L

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