Healthy Greetings,

In 1945 Indonesia had declared its independence, yet our nation’s situation was not so conducive, even to defend the independence of demanding the enactment of conscription for the people, so that it made them separated from their families, through a persistent struggle on 22 June 1949 the Dutch surrendered sovereignty Indonesian nation as a whole, a week later, exactly on June 29, 1949 fighters returned to his family, this is what underlies the birth of Family Day.

At that time the knowledge of the family about the age of safe marriage is low in addition to the strong desire to replace his fallen family in the war, resulting in high early marriage and of course the lack of readiness greatly affect the high mortality of mother and baby.

It was recorded in history that June 29, 1970, was the peak crystallization of family planning fighters to strengthen the family planning program, so that date is known as the date of the National Family Planning Movement, that day as the day of the resurrection of the Indonesian family, the day of awakening awareness to build a family towards a happy small family prosperous through family planning.

Over the course of twenty years, much of the success of family planning programs has been a place of learning for other countries and awarded the UN Population Award. In 1992, the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) stipulated the date of June 29 as “NATIONAL FAMILY DAY (HARGANAS)”, this determination is done as a tribute to the people of Indonesia who also struggle with leaving the children and their families.

Harganas intended to: Remind all Indonesians of the importance of the family as a source of strength to build the nation and state, so the family will always live, nurture and consolidate and direct that power as a shield in the face of the problems that occur.

Finally, on September 15, 2014, the Presidential Decree No. 39 of 2014 was issued which stipulates June 29th as the NATIONAL FAMILY DAY (HARGANAS) and is not a Holiday Day.