Healthy Greetings,

Speaking of “Dementia”, perhaps many of us are not familiar with the term. It is important for us to know what is Dementia, its causes, its symptoms, and its prevention because if left this condition will create a bad quality of life especially for elderly.

Dementia is a condition in which the ability of a person’s brain regress.

This condition can be marked by the state of a person often forget something, wrong, the changes of personality, and emotions that fluctuate or unstable.

Many causes that make a person dementia, generally due to chronic diseases such as Stroke and Parkinson’s. But it is known that the main cause of a person experiencing Dementia is Alzheimer’s disease.

In order for people to know more about what is dementia then on August 1, 2017, RS Kasih Ibu with Bank of Central Java held a counseling about dementia with speaker Dr. Tri Budi Raharjo A, SpS.

Hopefully, this counseling can be useful for all.