In the near future Kasih Ibu Hospital will face the second KARS Accreditation survey, therefore Hospital Accreditation Team prepares the best possible one of the readiness of all employees by holding PITSTOP Accreditation. PITSTOP activity was held for 2 weeks ie from August 14 to August 26, 2017. Activities that are followed by all employees are divided into 2 groups ie non-medical / paramedical groups and medical groups.

PITSTOP activities aim to refresh the knowledge and understanding of all employees related to accreditation in accordance with their respective sections. This activity requires all employees to read, memorize and understand all the material written in the book and then tested by each tester. With this activity Kasih Ibu Hospital optimistic, second KARS accreditation survey can run smoothly and success with PARIPURNA predicate.