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The ear is one of the most sensitive organs. That is why, if any foreign body into the ear canal can be fatal. Because in addition to can clog the ear, it also causes irritation and even interferes with hearing for a while. Well, one of the most common foreign objects entering the ear is an insect. So, how first aid when the ear insects infested? Check out the tips in the following article.

First aid when an insect got in your ear

Here are some tips that you can do as first aid when insects got in your ear.

1. Do not panic

To be able to remove insects from the ear, the main key is calm. Naturally, if your reaction is surprised to feel foreign objects into the ear. The reason the insect usually causes a rattling or buzzing sound and may be accompanied by a sense of amusement in the ear canal. However, make sure you stay calm and not panic so as not to cause excessive movement that can cause insects to enter the inner ear canal.

2. Do not insert fingers or other objects into the ear

Usually when the ears of insect infected people will reflex trying to pick or pick up the insects by hand. However, to remove insects in the ear, never insert objects such as tweezers or cotton bud into the ear. The reason is, this will actually encourage more insects and can make the insect sting, thus injuring the ear layer or your eardrum.

3. Tilt your head

When the ear insects, immediately tilt the head opposite to the ear side of the insect infestation. So, if the left ear has an insect infestation, then tilt the ear that insects face up.

4. Give the oil into the ear

Stay still in a tilted head condition, drops the ear with warm water or non-irritating oils, such as baby oil, mineral oil, or olive oil. After that, pull a little ear of your ear to remove air bubbles inside the ear for a few seconds. However, make sure if you do not overdo it when inserting the liquid into the ear. The fluid inserted into the ear canal serves to kill insects that enter, so it will be easier to remove it.

5. Remove the insect from the ear

After that tilt the head on the opposite side (ear inserted insects positioned down) to drain the oil and water out of the ear. Then, pay close attention to the insects coming out of your ear canal. If it is not intact, repeat the previous step until all parts of the insect out of the ear. After the insects get out of the ear, do not forget, you have to do the process of cleaning the ears by using warm water. This is important in order to prevent signs of bleeding and reduce the risk of infection in the ear.

Important to note

If you still can not remove the insect should not be forced. If the condition worsens, such as feeling pain in the ears, inflamed ears even swell, or even have difficulty hearing, immediately check your ears to the nearest doctor to get the right handling. Remember! You should not take any other activities outside of the above as it may harm your ears.

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