Healthy Greetings

On September 2nd, 2017, Idul Qurban Hospital Kasih Ibu was held at Ibu Kasih Ibu Hospital which was headed by the committee chairman, Dr. Kristanto Eko Wibowo, vice chairman of Drs. Dewi Purnamaningsih PS and members of Rohis RS Kasih Ibu team.

The purpose of this event is for social function RS Kasih Ibu share in the framework of community development and eligible employees.

The activities consist of:

  1. Slaughter of animals Qurban 3 Cattle
  2. The distribution of Qurbanic results
  3. Eating Qurban meat with all employees
  4. “Pengajian” in the Mosque.

Hopefully, with the occurrence of this Idul Qurban can foster a sense of love among neighbors in sincerity and form of sincere devotion full of gratitude as a devoted servant to form a pious man.