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To help victims of traffic accidents, as a civilian can actually contribute at least to give first aid while waiting for medical help to come.

How to do it? Let’s learn the following steps:

  1. Do not panic.
  2. As you approach the crash site, it is important to ensure your own safety.
  3. Make sure the traffic has stopped and has been flagged that an accident occurred. Note whether there is a fuel spill or potential fire risk (turn off vehicle ignition whenever possible). Turn on the hazard light and use warning triangles when available. Do not you also become victims of accidents.
  4. If there are others around, ask for help contacting the emergency services.
    Watch quickly how many vehicles are involved in the vehicle and the number of accident victims.
  5. People who shout, cry and speak can breathe well, your priority is to check the silent and immobile victims.
  6. Check the victim’s response by calling or tapping the victim’s shoulder. If the victim does not respond make sure the victim can breathe. Position the victim carefully so that the victim can breathe well. Keep talking to the victim even if the victim can not respond.
  7. If the victim is not breathing, do CPR (chest compression and breathe aids) if you can.
  8. Notice whether there are other injuries.
  9. Only move an unconscious victim from the vehicle if there is a life-threatening danger (fire, flood, explosion hazard). Special handling is necessary to remove an unconscious victim if a wrongful injury to a victim can be more severe and may also hurt a helper.
  10. Direct conscious victims and move to a safe place.

With immediate and appropriate first aid, it is expected that the chance of life threat, the occurrence of defects and material losses of accident victims can be minimized.

Source : BCLS,

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