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Mother’s father must often hear the advice and benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, which starts from the baby’s birth until the age of 6 months. What are the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for Mother and baby?

Only breast milk for up to 6 months.

Exclusive breastfeeding means only giving breast milk, without the addition of other complementary foods, up to the age of 6 months old baby. When the baby is born, the process of absorbing the stomach is not perfect. Nutrient intake for the baby must be easily digested. Breast milk is the only natural food that is best for meeting baby’s needs.

It is recommended to do Early Breastfeeding Initiation (IMD) shortly after giving birth if possible. This will make babies start learning to breastfeed and get exclusive breastfeeding from Mother. Also try to provide colostrum which is relatively low in fat and carbohydrates and rich in protein at the beginning of the birth of the baby. This will increase endurance and other important benefits that babies need.

Benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for mothers and babies
There are many benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for mothers and babies. In addition to creating tight bonding, it will also make the process of adaptation of nayi after coming out of the womb more comfortable.

  • Breast milk contains complete nutrition for babies, including natural antibodies that will help prevent infection or other health problems.
  • Breast milk is easy to digest the stomach so it does not cause digestive problems, such as diarrhea that is often experienced by babies. Breast milk also contains probiotics which are important for the formation of microflora in the digestive tract, and hypoallergenic so that babies avoid allergic reactions.
  • Babies who are breastfed have a strong body resistance so it is not easy to get sick. Breast milk also reduces the risk of your child against digestive disorders, allergies, asthma, and diabetes later on.
  • Do the Breastfeeding Process Properly and Lovingly

The process of breastfeeding must have a challenge. In addition to proper breastfeeding management, the correct method of breastfeeding will determine the smoothness of the milk that comes out. Mother must remember, the formation of Breast milk depends on demand. The more often you breastfeed your baby, the more milk you produce.
Come on, do this so that the breastfeeding process is smooth and pleasant:

Relax and take the position as comfortable as possible.
If while sitting, support the baby’s head with an arm and position the baby’s head higher than his body to make it easier for the baby to swallow. Place the baby’s nose parallel to the nipple to push the baby to open his mouth.
Wait for the mouth to open wide with the tongue in a downward position, then do the correct attachment position, the entire aerola area enters the baby’s mouth. If you just stick to the nipple, breast milk is not smooth out and the nipples can blister.
Babies suckle around 5-40 minutes, depending on their needs. However, let the baby suckle as much as possible. If the baby is not satisfied, breastfeed with the other breast.
Always breastfeed with the right and left breast alternately to avoid breast swelling (breast engorgement) at risk of mastitis (breast gland infection).
Now Mother’s father already knows the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding and the right way to breastfeed the right process. Breastfeed as a manifestation of the love of Mother and baby. Only breast milk is best for the health of your child.

Hopefully useful, happy exclusive breastfeeding.

Source:, NHS (National Health Service UK)