Healthy Greetings,

Early Warning System (EWS) is an early warning system that is used to monitor the patient’s condition during treatment. EWS monitoring is carried out during treatment so that early treatment can be done immediately if there is a deterioration of conditions during treatment.

The parameter determines the handling of the patient in the Early Warning System (EWS) method. Namely level of awareness, respiration or respiration, oxygen saturation, supplemental oxygen, temperature, pulse, and blood pressure.
On Monday, August 13, 2018, Kasih Ibu Surakarta EWS Team was honored as a trainer to train medical personnel working in the Surakarta Hospital.

After the remarks from the director of Surakarta RSJD Drg. R. Basoeki Soetardjo, MMR the event continued with the speaker sequence and the following material:

1. Dr. Widodo, SpAN: Introduction to EWS
2. Dr. Wahjuningsih Hartono & Dr. Riza Setya Agrensa: EWS & Code Blue System at Kasih Ibu Hospital
3. Zr. Wiji Lestari & Zr. Lusia Tri Prasetyoningsih: Filling in the EWS Form

After the material, the event continued with EWS simulation at the Surakarta Hospital with the EWS Team of Kasih Ibu Hospital.

Hopefully this training can be useful in improving service quality.

Photos and documentation: