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It seems like almost everyone has experienced stuffy nose, from infants to adulthood can be exposed to this one problem and make anyone who experienced it was disturbed especially disturbing sleep.

A blocked nose may occur in one nasal cavity (nasal congestion) or it may be both. Here we will discuss the cause of nasal congestion along with the accompanying symptoms and how to overcome them either in adults or nasal congestion in infants and nasal congestion drugs.

Causes of Clogged Nose

Mild disease is the most common cause of nasal congestion. The so-called minor illness here, for example, common cold, flu, and sinus infections. These diseases can cause nasal congestion because it causes inflammation of the nasal cavity and sinus lining which is a network rich in blood vessels. Inflammation will cause blood vessels dilate and cause swelling so that the nose becomes clogged.

According to the National Institutes of Health nasal congestion due to mild illness above can heal or disappear by itself within one week.

  • For long-lasting nasal congestion, then the possible causes, among others:
  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Allergic pollen
  • Nasal polyps (nasal congestion only next to and not moving)
  • Exposure to chemicals Nasal irritation due to environmental factors eg smoke or dust. Chronic sinusitis (long lasting sinus infection)
  • Tumors (usually benign, not cancerous or, a mass that can cause congestion if they grow in the nose)
  • Septum deviation
  • Cluster headache
  • Foreign objects (most often in children) with nasal traits continue to runny smelling, usually only one nose.

Here is how to deal with a natural nasal congestion you can do yourself at home (home remedies).

Do not blow your nose too strong

If the cause of nasal congestion is a flu or accompanied by snot then remove it gently, alternately. Throwing the snot is too strong it will make the nose more inflamed to aggravate the blockage

Inhale steam

Moisture and heat from steam will alleviate the inflammation so it can overcome stuffy nose and will help you breathe more freely.

Warm compresses over the nose

Dampen a small towel cloth with hot water (warm) then paste on the bridge of the nose thoroughly and widen to the front cheek, preferably lying down relaxed position. If the towel is cold again wet with warm water and repeats the procedure as above until you feel the benefits expected.

Inhale inhaler, balm, or wind oil

Wind oil, balm, or inhaler on average contains menthol and eucalyptus which can reduce nasal congestion. Its use can be directly inhaled from the container, or a thin smear directly under the nostrils, or smeared the area around the neck.

Sleep half-asleep

If you experience a worsening nasal congestion when lying down, try to elevate the position of the head by placing an extra cushion under the head and neck in such a way that it looks half-seated position. This will reduce the buildup of blood flow in the nose so that it can remove the nasal congestion.

Eat spicy food

If the nasal congestion due to the thick and difficult to remove the snot, then try the consumption of food or drink that feels a bit spicy like wedang ginger or warm chicken soup and a little spicy. The spicy flavor will stimulate the mucus so as to make the snot more dilute and easily removed.

If symptoms of nasal congestion persist and interfere with activity, you should immediately consult a doctor to get appropriate therapy.

May this article be useful.