Healthy Greetings,

The month of Ramadan that the Muslims have been waiting for has arrived. As we all know, in the month of Ramadan Muslims are required to undergo fasting.

In terms of fasting health also has a variety of benefits, the following benefits:

  1. Helps lose weight
    Fasting can lose weight by burning fat more effectively than diet in general. In a state of fasting the body does not use glucose but fat as an energy source.
  2. Increases body sensitivity to the hormone insulin
    Fasting also shows a positive effect on insulin sensitivity so that blood sugar levels are more stable.
  3. Accelerate metabolism
    Fasting gives time to the digestive system to rest, so that the body's metabolism in burning calories can be more effective.
  4. Make a long life
    Research conducted in various cultures that perform fasting finds results that support that fasting can prolong life. This is thought to be due to a more efficient metabolism in people who are fasting.
  5. Train hunger
    Fasting helps regulate hormones that work to regulate hunger and satiety. In obese people caused by hunger and fasting disorder serves as a 'reset' button that restores the functions of both hormones.
  6. Improve your diet
    Fasting also improves the diet that is usually caused by work, especially in people with high activity.
  7. Improve brain function
    Fasting helps improve brain function by increasing the production of proteins in the brain called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF works to activate stem cells in the brain into new neuron cells and a variety of chemicals that work to improve the health of nerve cells.
  8. Improving the immune system
    Fasting increases the immune system because fasting can reduce damage by free radicals, regulate inflammatory conditions of the body and make cancer cells can not develop.
  9. Delivers a happy effect
    Research conducted by Dr. Razeen Mahroof at Oxford University in England shows the release of hormone endorphins by the body that gives the effect of happiness.
  10. Helps the body’s detoxification process (Cleansing of dirt and toxins that accumulate in the body)
    In a study conducted by Dr. Razeen Mahroof is also found that fasting helps the body to get rid of toxins stored and dissolved in body fat


The 10 benefits of fasting to health, hopefully can help and encourage you to undergo your fasting service.


dr. Divan Fernandes

Quoted from various sources