Healthy Greetings,

The long-awaited homecoming time is in sight. Of course we all crave to get together with the family in good health. In order to remain healthy to survive the purpose, in addition to the condition of the vehicle we also must pay attention to health conditions, especially those who travel far.

What do we need to prepare? Here are Tips from us:

  1. Try to sleep enough, at least 6 hours before leaving
  2. Avoid leaving in a state of hunger
  3. Eat nutritious foods especially those containing high carbohydrates and proteins.
  4. Prepare lunch for travel, supplies should be stored in a closed container to keep it hygienic. Try not to buy food and beverages on the street because of the danger of exposure to pollution, dust and germs in the food.
  5. Avoid driving in a state of sleepiness, pull over and rest for a moment to restore stamina. Do not underestimate the drowsiness because the data show the number one cause of mudik crashes is fatigue and drowsiness
  6. Spend some time pausing for relaxation and stretching out the stiff muscles due to the long journey, it is recommended to rest for 15 minutes every 4 hours on the way
  7. Wear comfortable clothing, the recommended clothing is cotton clothes that absorb sweat and not too tight
  8. Take personal medicines as necessary, know the side effects of medication you are taking. Especially the cause of drowsiness
  9. If you are going home on a motorcycle, wear a standard helmet and mask to protect against pollution
  10. Check with your doctor if you feel unwell to get the right treatment before going home. If a new malaise is felt on the way you can take advantage of the health posts available on the go.

Let’s always keep our health condition, Happy going home and gathering with family.

By: dr. Divan Fernandes