Healthy Greetings,

Eating well is sometimes a challenge at the moment of the holiday. The food available tends to be less good for health. But, that does not mean you should avoid typical Eid meal, all you need to do is choose with “3 Right”, namely:

1. Right schedule
Eat according to the meal schedule as on other days. Large meals stay 3x a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and can be interspersed with 2x snack that is at 11 and 5 pm. It’s good to snack that is eaten contains high fiber such as fruits and vegetables.

Snack alias snack food function is to condition the stomach in a state that is not too empty. This prevents eating in large portions during a large meal schedule. Do not forget also, do not get used to always eat in every home, when visiting for friendship. Commit to obey, then you can celebrate Lebaran with healthy and safe.

2. Right amount

The amount of food we eat also needs to be taken into account. The amount of food recommended by nutritionists is as follows:

  • Carbohydrates: 45% – 60% of total daily calories
  • Fat: 20% – 25% of total daily calories
  • Protein: 10% – 20% of total daily calories
  • Fiber:> 25 grams / day
  • Salt: maximum 3,000 grams

If you find it difficult to calculate in the above way, how to fix it is easy. Simply grab a varied meal with a balanced composition and use a small dish. This is meant to prevent you from eating in large portions. Better, eat smaller portions and often than eat in large portions at a time.

Source: Hello Sehat