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Almost everyone in the world has had the flu at least once in a lifetime. Flu is a respiratory infection caused by influenza virus infection. But usually before you actually get sick, you will experience a variety of flu symptoms first. Well, detecting flu symptoms early on can help you recover faster.

Signs and symptoms of flu that appear most often


hot flashes

Fever is a sign of the body’s immune system working against viral infections. In some cases, flu symptoms can cause high fever to reach 38ยบ Celsius or more. Even so, not everyone will automatically have a fever when the flu.


batuk berdahak di pagi hari

Don’t underestimate the cough that stops. Coughing can indicate an attack of a disease or a sign of a viral infection.

Coughing cold symptoms are usually accompanied by wheezing (wheezing) and chest tightness. You may also experience a cough with phlegm, though not always.


sakit tenggorokan sebelah

A sore throat is an early symptom of the flu, because coughing will continue to irritate the throat and itch.

In addition, a sore throat will also make it difficult for you to swallow when you eat and drink. Sore throat tends to get worse as you get worse.


tidak enak badan

Generally when you have a high fever, you will also feel very cold to shiver. Shivering is actually the body’s way to cool the fever.

Sometimes, fever and cold are also accompanied by muscle aches and aches throughout the body.


sering kelelahan

The body feels very tired even though it’s not doing anything? Or, you are currently exhausted, but, how come, it gets worse?

Without realizing it, a weak body and tired quickly can also be a sign of flu symptoms are attacking. This symptom usually even appears first before the symptoms above begin to gnaw at the body. As soon as other flu symptoms begin to get worse, fatigue will feel even more painful.

So if you feel fatigue without cause, you should take a break. Increase sleep to help the immune system fight the flu virus.


penyebab sakit kepala

When the symptoms of the flu have started to get worse, the most recent complaint is usually a headache. Especially if your flu makes a fever.

Again, the main key is to increase rest. Avoid doing physical activities that are very wasteful of energy, and use free time to sleep.

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