Healthy Greetings,

Blood donors are Individuals or people who donate their blood, with the aim to help others especially those who need blood supply from outside, because until now the blood cannot be synthesized so that when needed should be taken from another person.

The requirement to be a blood donor :

  1. Age 17 – 60 years
  2. Minimum weight 45 kg
  3. Body temperature: 36.6 – 37.5 centigrade
  4. Good blood pressure, namely:
  5. Systolic = 110 – 160 mm Hg and Diastolic = 70 – 100 mmHg
  6. The pulse should be regular with the frequency 60 – 100 times/minute
  7. Hemoglobin levels :
  8. Minimum woman = 12 gr% whereas Minimum man = 12,5 gr%
  9. Number of donations per year at most 5 times, with a distance of donation of at least 3 months. This situation should be in accordance with the general circumstances of the donor

One can not be a donor in circumstances :

  1. Ever had hepatitis B
  2. Within 6 months after close contact with patients with hepatitis
  3. Within 6 months after transfusion.
  4. Within 6 months of getting tattoo/ear piercing.
  5. Within 72 hours after dental surgery.
  6. Within 6 months after a small operation.
  7. Within 12 months after major surgery.
  8. Within 24 hours after polio vaccination, influenza, cholera, tetanus diphtheria or prophylaxis.
  9. Within 2 weeks after virus vaccination parotitis, measles, tetanus toxin.
  10. Within 1 year after the last injection of therapeutic rabies immunization.
  11. Within 1 week after allergy symptoms disappear.
  12. Within 1 year after skin transplantation.
  13. Being pregnant and within 6 months after delivery.
  14. Breastfeeding.
  15. Drug Dependence.
  16. Alcoholism is acute and chronic.
  17. Syphilis.
  18. Tuberculosis
  19. Suffered from epilepsy and frequent seizures.
  20. Suffering from skin disease in veins (veins) to be pierced.
  21. has a tendency for bleeding or blood diseases, for example, G6PD deficiency, thalassemia, polycythemia valve.
  22. A person belonging to a community group at high risk for HIV / AIDS (homosexuals, morphine, multiple sex partners, unsterile needle-syringe users).
  23. People with HIV / AIDS according to the results of the examination at the time of blood donor

If the conditions above have been met, then the donor can donate his blood. Immediately after the blood donor, the blood will go through a series of tests to make sure the blood is healthy or not. If blood is declared unhealthy, blood will be discarded. Healthy blood will be separated by its components and stored into a special storage and will expire within a period of 28 days.

Let’s blood donor to save lives!

Source : Indonesian Red Cross Society