Layanan Homecare

Layanan Homecare

Healthy Greetings,
Home Care Services of RS. Kasih Ibu is a hospital-standard health service that can be done in your Home by providing home visits for medical examinations by senior doctors and nurses. Doctor visits with nurses are scheduled every Monday - Saturday at 07.00 - 14.00 on request. Where necessary, a doctor's visit may be scheduled according to the agreement. Homecare of RS. Kasih Ibu Service consists of:

    • General Home Care Service

    • Diabetic Wound Home Care Service

    • Lactation Education Home Care Service

Medical careĀ include: infusion, drug injection, nutritional care, blood pressure check, urinary catheter replacement, sonde tube (NGT), blood sampling, urine, etc. according to physician instructions and indication.

You can contact us at no 0271 714422 (ext 6900) or 082-134-622-227